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Switching your opener to manual operation

When the power goes out, your garage door will be unresponsive unless you have a backup generator or battery installed in your system. You can switch your door to manual operation at any time by pulling the manual switchover cord which is situated near the garage door trolley and generally has a red handle attached to it.

You don’t need to replace the entire garage door

If a slight accident has left a dent in your door, there is no need to replace the entire thing. Most of the times they are divided into separated and easily replaceable garage door slats which lock together upon closing, but separate when opening. Only the affected slat will have to be replaced if it has been damaged.

A cracked spring could be a problem

Springs are an important component in all garage doors. If you can see any cracks on yours caused by stress then it is best to act immediately and opt for spring replacement. There should always be two healthy springs on a system at any time to maintain your door's balance and safety. When it comes to these components, it’s best not to leave things to chance.

Using your mobile to open your garage

Did you know that with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth opener receiver you can operate your openers using a mobile phone or tablet? This is an excellent option for those who are tired of dealing with the hassle of dead batteries or lost remotes. They also allow you to open your door from anywhere with connectivity, bringing you up to speed with the 21st century.

Keep your doors balanced

A balanced garage door is a healthy, easy to operate door. You should take the time to ensure that both of your door’s springs are in good condition, and if one breaks you should look at getting it replaced immediately. This will ensure that your door’s lifespan is as long as it should be, and also maintains its safe usage.

Check your opener’s safety features

To ensure that your garage door is always used as safely as it should be, you should regularly check that the opener’s safety features are in working order. Check the safety cable, sensors and safety reverse function whenever you can to make sure they are working, you don’t want to discover a problem when an accident happens.

Lubricate your garage door parts

If your door is making too much noise when it’s in operation, it may be time for you to get some lubrication maintenance done. There are plenty of moving parts in each system that create friction when it is being used. This can cause damage to the individual components over time, and so it is best to not ignore strange sounds.

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