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Check out the following answers to the most common garage door maintenance questions. Everything you want to know but have no idea who to ask. The answers are related to the most popular subjects related to garage doors and are easy to understand

Do I really need two springs on my door?

Each garage door spring plays an important role in maintaining the balance of your door. The door weighs quite a lot, and so maintaining this balance is essential for its continued, smooth operation. For this reason, it is essential that each setup has two functional springs attached to it at any given time, and is supported by a safety cable.

How do I open the garage when the power is out?

If you haven’t invested in a backup battery or generator then a power outage could leave your opener inoperable. But that doesn’t mean that the door can’t be opened. Pulling the manual release cord situated on the track arm will allow you to open and close the door manually, but be careful not to leave the door unlocked while you are away.

What kinds of springs can I get for my garage door?

Typically there are two kinds of springs, each appropriate for certain doors. Overhead doors use extension springs which are situated near the upper part of the entrance when the door is closed. For other types there are torsion coil springs which are usually located just above the tracks when the door is in a closed position.

What different kinds of openers can I buy?

There are three different kinds of openers which can be used for residential garages. Screw drives rotate around a central pivot for silent opening, chain drive motors are hardy and work great on heavy garage doors, but for cost effectiveness and economical operation, belt drives are perfect for most households looking to automate their doors.

Why is my garage making such strange noises when I use it?

While no garage doors will ever operate in complete silence, excessive noise could be a sign of a major problem. Either the parts in your system are causing friction during their operation and require lubrication, or some of the components are suffering from damages caused by constant stress and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

Why is my garage door so difficult to open?

One of the major causes for a stubborn garage door is misalignment, which occurs when one or both of the springs stop working properly or break. This puts unnecessary stress on the system and makes it particularly difficult to operate. Replacing faulty springs is important if you want to get your door opening smoothly again.

What safety features come with my opener?

There are a few safety features that should typically come with an opener system, or be installed externally. The reverse function will stop the door from closing and force it to reverse at the first sign of unexpected pressure, and the garage door safety sensors will stop the door from opening if the sensors are obstructed.

My opener is too loud, what's up with that?

If you are looking for an opener that will not be as noisy as the one you currently have installed, perhaps you should consider a belt drive opener. It makes the least amount of noise while in use. It is more costly but worth it.


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