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Popular Garage Door FAQs

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Popular Garage Door FAQs

You have some questions, we can tell. Well, you've come to the right place. Our garage door experts created this page to provide our customers with some useful information. Take a look at our FAQs below.

What safety features come with my opener?

There are a few safety features that should typically come with an opener unit, or be installed externally. The automatic reverse function will stop the door from closing and force it to reverse at the first sign of resistance, and the safety sensors will stop the door from closing if the sensors are blocked by something or someone.

Why is my door making such strange noises when I use it?

While no garage door ever operates in complete silence, excessive noise could be a sign of a major problem. Some of its metal parts, like the rollers, tracks or springs, could be squeaking due to friction caused during their operation and may require lubrication. Another option is that some of the components are suffering from damages caused by the constant stress the system is under, and they need to be replaced as soon as possible.

What are the different opener types available today?

There are three different types that are commonly used today. They are each eponymously named after the type of drive-system they use. Screw drives units use a threaded rod and require very little maintenance. Belt-drive openers use a conveyer-like steel reinforced rubber belt, which allows them to operate very silently. As for chain-drive models, they use, surprise surprise, a chain, and are therefore stronger, but also noisier.

How do I open my garage while the power is out?

If you haven’t invested in a backup battery then during a power outage your only way of using your garage door is by using the manual release cord. Keep in mind that unless you're dealing with an emergency, your safest bet is to simply wait it out. Also, pulling this cord will disengage the opener, so make sure your door is fully closed before you do it.

Do I really need two springs?

The type and amount of springs your garage door requires are determined by its weight and size. Torsion springs, for example, are usually used for heavier doors, although most of the times only one is required. Extension springs, on the other hand, are installed in pairs. If you didn't have the right amount or type of springs installed, your safety would be at risk.


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