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We at Garage Door Repair Weston believe that every customer is important. Our dedication to excellence is so strong that our garage door contractor in Weston provides same day service and around the clock emergency garage door service. Garage door replacement/ installation in Weston Florida keep our trained technicians busy but never too busy to excel at customer service. We at Weston FL garage Door Company provide expert replacement or installation on the most popular garage door styles and materials. We can replace garage door windows or install windows in a panel if desired. Some of the most popular types include:

*   Aluminum garage doors for their resistance to rust and corrosive elements these are long lasting maintenance free garage doors

*   Steel garage doors provide durability and a wide range of choices in styles and designs

*   Wood garage doors are elegant and can be stained or painted to match almost any taste and come in a wide variety of designs from ornate to simple.

*   Craftsman garage doors can be unique additions to the architecture

Glass garage doors permit sunlight inside the garage. Glass garage doors were at one time used solely in businesses but are becoming more popular for residential use. When garage door privacy is less of an issue with the owner glass garage doors are the popular choice.

Garage door replacement/installation is a heavy job that requires precision in placement and appropriate safety precautions. Our Weston Garage Door Repair service can install or replace these necessary home security systems safely and correctly.

Garage door cables & tracks unfortunately are a common culprit to slow or malfunctioning garage door systems. When your problem is a broken cable or the cable snapped, cable came off the drum, call the experts in Weston Florida garage door cables & tracks and rest easy knowing our professionals can provide same day service and put your garage door cable troubles to rest. When your garage track won’t let your door open right, it might be necessary to repair bent garage door track or replace garage track.  Call the professionals at garage door cables & tracks Weston and let us make straighten out your garage door track problems.

Garage door maintenance and adjustments have earned our contractor in Weston the good will of our community. We perform professional inspections regularly, maintenance lubrication, and check for loose or worn door rails, rubbers and brackets. This service can extend the life of a garage door system and prevent door repair bills prematurely.

Our company delivers excellent door repair in Weston with a focus on the customer’s needs

Garage Door ReplacementA broken emergency release or a door off track can stop a door or cause it to function poorly but our trained technicians can be out the same day to fix the problem. If one section of a door takes damage such as a ding or dent our technicians can replace section of door speedily and get your garage back in shape. Weatherproofing a door can save on energy bills and help eliminate dust and debris accumulations. Our contractor can send out professionals to install bottom rubber strips or weather strip the sides of doors and seal it against drafts and dust.

Garage door springs are an essential part of the door system. The springs do the work of lifting for the door owner. Broken spring repair/replacement in Weston is not a weekend project for the untrained. Garage door springs like extension springs have been known to cause death and severe injury when an untrained installer attempts to adjust, repair or replace them. Torsion springs are slightly less dangerous but need to be placed correctly and the right replacement spring is essential. Galvanized door springs can prevent rust and corrosion for springs exposed to the elements or salt air.

Garage door openers are popular conveniences for door owners in Weston Fl. A opener can take the effort out of lifting a garage door. As a service to our door customers in Weston we carry some of the most trusted opener brands. We also provide door openers troubleshooting services to keep that opener functioning. Garage door opener types in Weston include:

*   Marantec opener is one that features German engineering and American made parts

*   Craftsman opener has been a standard in tools for years and now a opener brand

*   Chamberlain opener is a budget friendly and yet reliable opener

*   Sears opener is a well known brand with a variety of openers in varying price ranges 

*   Genie opener is very popular opener with a large choice of available features

*   Liftmaster opener is one of the most widely distributed and known opener brands

A new opener also brings the choice of the new motor drive type. There are three common types for door openers and these are the screw drive, the chain drive and the belt drive.  The belt drive is the quietest drive and usually slightly more expensive than the others. The screw drive is quieter in operation than the chain drive but louder than a belt. The chain drive is the noisiest type but often the most affordable.

Our garage door repair service in Weston FL is proud to boast an outstanding opener troubleshooting service. Our Weston company contractor provides name brand remotes such as:

*   Liftmaster Security Plus door remote with the extra security of a door code that changes with each use.

*   Genie Intellicode is the very popular brand of door remote that has gone to the rolling code technology to prevent a door code from being copied.

*   Clicker remote works with almost any brand of opener and is valuable when several cars need a remote

*   Multi Code technology is very useful for owners that need to operate two doors simultaneously with a single remote. This remote can send out two codes on two different frequencies at once.

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