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Case Stories

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Don't Call at the Very Last Minute

There are a lot of customer stories, which we get as part of the day-to-day operations. What it all boils down to is that homeowners don't call for Garage Door Repair Weston, unless the door fails to open, or it falls down off its assembly.

As an installer, repair and maintenance company, we know how big a concern garage doors can be when they fail to function. We are however, concerned that homeowners only call us when they are in big trouble. At that point in time, we have to mobilize things a bit faster and get the door repaired as soon as possible. The homeowner does not rally care when our help would arrive, as long as they can have their car in and out of the garage, which might not be the case.

If an accident occurs, it may be because of anything. The cables might have corroded, or some of the assembly may have been bent, or there might not be enough grease. There could be any number of things to cause a malfunction. The bottom line is that the door needs to be repaired, and fast. Any minor problems would not be reported because everyone is busy and the door still works after a fashion.

We offer support and maintenance, as well as regular check up, but a garage door is not really a priority for a lot of people. If it rains and the door is slow in responding, it would be blamed on the weather. The users would not think that their door levers and bearings are getting rusty or are wearing out.

Normal wear and tear is something we contend with on a regular basis. The parts wear out because the door is being used. You can even say that the weather can be partly to blame. During hot weather, the house expands, including the garage door assembly. The whole house contracts at night when the temperature cools down. This can lead to unforeseen problems. Of course, we can't say that to our clients. That would be putting fear into their hearts, and is almost unbelievable, even if true.

Rust, bents, dents, eroded washers and bearings are something that happens, and the garage door would need regular maintenance to keep it in good working order. As a company we would rather maintain garage doors rather than be called in for repairs. We have never encountered a phone call for help without a customer on the verge of panic on the other end of the line. We understand the panic, and we try our best to respond immediately. But if the garage doors need major repairs, we might even need to bring in a new door and assembly. These things happen, and we try our best to repair it all with the minimum of expenses, or parts required.

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